Equipment Care Information

To prolong the life of your petrol powered garden equipment, below are some handy hints to help prevent them from having issues.


It is recommended that if your equipment is being stored for long periods of time unused (longer than 3 months) drain the fuel from the tank, then start the machine & run until the carburettor is dry, the machine will stop when it has run out of fuel supply. This helps prevent build up of gum in fuel system & carburettor parts.

Fuel / Oil Mixtures

When mixing 2-stroke fuel, always use the quantity of oil recommended by the machine owner’s manual.

Mixing Ratio Table (Using a 5lt fuel can)

25:1 200 ml
40:1 125 ml
50:1 100 ml

For 4-stroke engines always use the recommended oil by the machine owner’s manual. For our climate most small engines run with SAE 30, however refer to the owner’s manual to ensure the correct oil is used.

When storing fuel, keep it in a cool shaded area to prevent condensation build up in the can which cause water droplets to contaminate the fuel. Only keep pre-mixed 2-stroke fuel for no longer than approximately 2 months. In summer keep only about 4-6 weeks. To help preserve fuel longer using a fuel stabilizer additive will extend the fuel life.


It is recommended equipment be serviced every 12 months or 25-30 hours, whichever comes first. Particularly if used regularly in the summer season operating under heavy load or high temperatures. Regular servicing prolongs the life of the equipment.

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