Unleaded petrol with less than 10% Ethanol

Petrol should be stored for no longer than 4 – 6 weeks, after this time the quality starts to deteriorate.

When fuel becomes ‘off’, if used in your equipment it will cause carburettor failure. Fuel has a noticeable bad smell when it has past it’s used by date, if this happens, dispose of it and re-fill your fuel can.

All engines require oil to lubricate moving internal parts. To determine whether your machine is 2-stroke or 4-stroke will resolve which fuel needs to be used.

All 4-stroke engines require oil separately from the unleaded fuel.

All 2-stroke engines require mixed fuel, which is a ratio of oil to unleaded fuel. See our Equipment Care Information for Customers flyer for ratio measurements.

Refer to your manufacturer owner manual if possible for their recommendations on specific oil grades.

Most standard 4-stroke engines require SAE30 4-stroke engine oil.

Some 4-stroke engines require 10W-30 engine oil.

Two stroke engines use 2-stroke oil which is mixed at a ratio to unleaded fuel.

Refer to our Equipment Care Information for Customers flyer for more information.

There are many inconsistencies in the grade of fuel that is now available and also the introduction of ethanol to fuel can affect the running performance of small engines. Ethanol creates higher operating temperatures in the engine and during the hotter months of the year this could cause damage to the engine if not enough lubricant is used. It is important to raise the fuel mixtures to alleviate any inconsistencies with improper fuel mix and lack of serving of the cooling system to prevent engine seizure.

Refer to your owner manual when unsure. Make sure you refer to and use the manufacturer’s recommended fuel to oil ratio for your product.

It is recommended that regular servicing is done to your equipment to prolong the life of your equipment. Minor servicing can be done yourself or someone confident of basic maintenance and all major servicing can be completed by our mechanics.

Daily maintenance – a quick check of your equipment each time it is used will help prevent any damage and wear to your machine. By removing grass build up and dust around the engine, cleaning the air filter and ensuring all nuts & bolts are in place & tight.

Servicing – an annual engine service consists of flushing out the fuel tank and carburettor, replacing engine oil, spark plug & air filter, greasing moving parts and replacing cutting blades.

Using a good quality trimmer line will give you great results. Ensuring you choose the right size diameter trimmer line will also make the engine run efficiently and prevent the nylon line from tangling or melting inside the head.

The size of the trimmer line can vary from 1.75mm – 3.5mm. The larger the line, the greater the engine power needed to rotate it. Most nylon heads have a maximum size it can accommodate which will be appropriate for the size of your machine.

CAUTION! Failure to match the cutting-line diameter with engine power may cause mechanical problems such as excessive carbon build-up, spark arrestor clogging, premature clutch failure, or overheating. Thicker is not always better.

There are several different types of line available depending on the cutting task you require it to do. Round edge, diamond edge, star edge and vortex. If you are unsure what your nylon head will use, please feel free to bring it in-store and speak with our staff.

The length of line from your trimmer head should be approximately 6-7 inches.

It is important not to run too long a length of line from your trimmer head as it causes the engine to operate above regular running use.

CAUTION! If more cutting line is used than recommended, mechanical problems such as carbon build-up, spark arrestor clogging, premature clutch failure, or overheating may result.

When trimming along concrete edges, timber garden borders and along wire fences it is important not to allow the string to make consistent contact with these types of hard surfaces as the friction will break the trimmer line no matter how good the quality of the line is.

Ensure your trimmer line is stored in the shade to prevent it becoming brittle from sun exposure.

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